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Customize Your Potency with our X-treme Vape Juice

When you’re new to vaping, you’re typically content with pre-filled vaping cartridges — you might even think of them like training wheels. However, when you’re ready to start saving money and making your own satisfying blends, there’s nothing like buying your own terpenes and experimenting with different flavors and profiles. X-treme vape juice is the ideal terpene solution for serious cannabis vapers who want to take things up a notch.

The secret is in the strength. With a terpene starter kit, a quality cannabis concentrate, our X-treme vape juice, and some 100% plant-derived terpenes, you can make your juice as strong as you want it with no padders, fillers, or unnecessary dilution. You can even create a customized high!

Taking Things Further

After you’ve dabbled in some kitchen terpene science and you’re ready to supercharge your vape, our X-treme vape juice is designed to take your highs higher and warm your buzz for an unparalleled vaping experience. This flavorless terpene blend is designed to enhance the effects of your concentrate and terpenes for a stronger result while helping to liquefy your extract with less product.

How Does it Work?

How do we make our X-treme vape juice so powerful, and how does it work? X-treme contains potent plant-based terpenes that liquefy your concentrate with less, and we’ve made it flavorless so that it doesn’t affect your taste sensation.

The idea behind this terpene e-liquid is that you are totally in control of the final strength of your blend. Your choice of extract or concentrate is also going to affect the final strength of your juice, as is the amount of X-treme you use and your choice of other terpenes to add to the mix.

Think About This…

For example, if you start with a potent concentrate and add a large amount of X-treme vape juice, you’re going to be diluting the strength of your concentrate and ending up with a weaker result. However, X-treme is so strong that you only need a little bit to emulsify your concentrate—meaning that you can use the minimum of this liquid and enjoy the full strength of your cannabis base.

How Much Should I Use?

The degree of dilution you want to achieve with X-treme is almost endless—with a range of 2-12 drops for dabbing and 2-24 drops for use with a WaxPen. To help you figure out the right amount, we suggest 0.1 mL (about 4 drops) of X-treme vape juice for each 1 gram of concentrate that has a honey or syrup consistency and 0.5 mL (about 20 drops) of X-Treme per 1 gram of concentrate that’s solid at room temperature.

What if you want to use the X-treme vape juice along with our other terpenes and e-liquids? You can definitely combine this product with our other products. Just calculate the total amount of terpenes you’re adding (including X-treme) using our detailed guide for mixing plant-based terpenes and glycol-based e-juice.

Troubleshooting a Weak or Strong Terpene Blend

vials and syringe for making e-liquids

If your blend turns out too weak or too strong, you might have gone overboard on the terpenes or added too much X-treme vape juice. Here are a couple of pointers for hitting your sweet spot when using multiple terpene products:

1. Group Your Terpenes by Strength

The e-liquids at Vapeur Terp are not made equal as far as their mixing strength. Our glycol-based e-liquids can be added at a ratio of 2-parts glycol solution to 1-part concentrate. By contrast, if you are using terpenes, you only need 0.1 mL – 0.6 mL of terpenes for each 1 gram of concentrate. To avoid confusion, store your e-liquids in two groups: glycol-based in one group and terpene-based in the other.

2. Do the Math Before You Mix

Now that the labeling is clear, you can calculate the number of drops of each terpene blend that you can add to reach the correct ratio of e-liquid to concentrate. For example, for 1 gram of solid concentrate, you can go up to a total 0.6 mL or 24 drops of terpenes (if you’re using a WaxPen) or 2 mL or 72 drops of glycol-based solution. Halve the amounts for dabbing.

    • Terpenes Only
      For 1 gram of concentrate, you can use a maximum of:
    • 12 drops of X-treme vape juice + 12 drops of a strain-specific terpenes blend


    • 8 drops of X-treme + 8 drops of a strain-specific blend + 8 drops of a pure terpenes blend


  • the mixture of your choice.
    • Terpenes + Glycol-Based Flavored E-Liquid

For a mixture of terpenes and glycol-based flavored e-liquid, you need to take the different ratios into account. For example, for 1 gram of concentrate, you can add:

    • 12 drops of terpenes (½ the maximum terpenes limit) + 36 drops of flavored e-liquid (½ the maximum glycol-based e-liquid)


    • 18 drops of terpenes (¾ the terpene-based limit) + 18 drops of flavored e-liquid (¼ the glycol-based limit)


  • Any other combination that follows the same ratios.

As you can see, the rule is to mix your X-treme vape juice and flavored e-liquid ratios based on a fraction of the appropriate amount of each type. It can take a bit of practice, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

X-treme Vape Juice and a Quality Concentrate: A Match Made in Heaven

Aside from mixing the correct ratios, you also want to get a quality concentrate or extract to enjoy the best results from X-treme. A quality concentrate will be pure, naturally strong in terpenes, and won’t have debris such as plant material and lipids floating around in it.

The consistency of your concentrate (syrup or solid) doesn’t make too much difference except for changing the amount of X-treme vape juice you’ll go through to get your concentrate cartridge-ready. The main thing is to find a concentrate that’s filtered.

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

The best concentrate to start with could be your favorite cannabis strain or a different high-quality strain that you’ll then enhance with our Strain-Specific or Pure terpenes to arrive at the effects you want. How does this work? The cannabinoids in your concentrate (like CBD and THC) interact with the terpenes in our blends in a kind of synergy that can amplify or change the effects of both the terpenes and the cannabinoids. This is known as the entourage effect.

By using only a small amount of X-treme vape juice with a great concentrate, you can enjoy the full effects and potency of your strain without really diluting its flavor or effects. If you aren’t all that enamored with your concentrate strain, you can always go for one of our strain-specific blends to change it up and add in some X-treme to enhance the buzz.

Troubleshooting a Dirty Concentrate

What happens if your concentrate is poor-quality, isn’t filtered, and contains plant material and other solids? The most likely situation is that this concentrate is going to dirty your cartridge and clog up your coils—especially if you’ve only used a small amount of X-treme. Here are our top two fixes for a dirty concentrate:

1. Use More X-treme Vape Juice

It might not give you the high you were after, but using more X-Treme will thin out your concentrate and prevent a certain amount of “clogging” in your device. The advantage of this option is less clean-up afterwards. On the flip side, you might not find your vape as satisfying as you would with a stronger mix.

2. Dewax Afterwards

Your other option is to use a small amount of X-treme vape juice, feel the full effects of your concentrate, and deal with the mess afterwards. To break down the lipids and waxes, you can use some of our Clear Auto-Winterizer + Dewaxer and give your device a good clean-out. The advantage here is that you won’t compromise on your high, but the disadvantage is that you’ll have a lot more work waiting for you at the other end.

To save yourself disappointment and multiple cleaning sessions, we recommend simply starting with the highest-quality filtered concentrate you can find and using the smallest amount of X-treme vape juice that keeps it all flowing smoothly. That’s the beauty of customization: You are the “chef” and you get to keep changing the recipe until it is exactly to your taste!

Become a Vape Juice Connoisseur with Vapeur Terp

At Vapeur Terp, we are here to give you all the tools and info you need for the best vaping experience possible. Our X-treme vape juice is only one of the products that we offer to give you the connoisseur’s vaping experience at home. We also have an extensive collection of e-liquids, vaporizers, glassware, and accessories.

Do you have a question about any of our products or about vaping in general? Our friendly customer service team is here for you, and we love getting back to our customers. Reach out online or by phone and we’ll be happy to help you out so you can get back to vaping.

Shop our X-treme vape juice and start mixing up the next master-blend in your kitchen today!