Who We Are

Vapeur Terp is a Los Angeles based company that manufactures high-quality solutions used by cannabis enthusiasts to vape THC concentrates. Our products can transform any concentrate for use in vape pens quickly and easily.

Our Passion

Vapeur Terp was started by two guys just looking for a better way to create premium cannabis vaping liquid and e-juice. Back in 2015, one of our founders, Harry, a researcher and cannabis concentrate connoisseur found that with the current THC cartridges in the market didn’t provide the average consumer with very much variety and quality.

You couldn’t simply purchase shatter with your favorite strain and vape it. Instead, you had to go with whatever strain the cartridge manufacturers chose. Due to these limitations, Harry began testing a variety of liquids, cannabis, and emulsifiers in his lab until he discovered how to make a perfect flavorless liquefying agent.

Harry eventually got together with AJ to build another line of emulsifiers utilizing terpenes called Pure, and the rest is history…

Our Mission

We want to help everybody create their own e-liquids. Whether you’re a complete novice, or a cartridge manufacturer, our company is here to provide you with emulsifiers, sample packs, starter kits, accessories, and guidance, so you can start creating cannabis E-liquids the easy way!

With everything from videos and images to step by step guides and FAQs, we have the tools to take you through the e-liquid making process. You can even reach out to us at any time to speak with a customer service representative if you need more help and support.

We pride ourselves on responding to all calls and requests, so that you can get back to doing what you love — vaping weed.

Focused on Quality and Price

One of the reasons Vapeur Terp has shot up in popularity is due to our focus and dedication to our customers. We want you to enjoy the best quality, flavor, and prices any time you vape, so visit Vapeur Terp to discover how we make it easy, affordable, and delicious to turn any cannabis concentrate into a vape liquid.

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If you want to get started right away, check out our Pure and Liquid Guide, as well as our Clear Guide.