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Cinnamon Bun

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Cinnamon Bun from Vapeur Terp’s Pure line is one of the best cinnamon e-juices on the market. Along with our Bubble Gum and Chocolate Kush e-juices, Cinnamon Bun is a popular alternative to our line of fruit-flavored e-liquids. Whether you love fruit-flavored e-juices and are looking for a similar experience, or want to try something new, Cinnamon Bun will definitely delight all your senses.

Terpene Profile

Containing strong sativa terpenes, Cinnamon Bun produces an exhilarating, invigorating high that results in a variety of stimulating, full-body sensations. Users enjoy indulging in sativa for daytime vaping, and the properties of these terpenes have the potential to alleviate pain.

Combine this e-liquid with your concentrates, including wax, shatter, and crumble, to enhance the terpene profiles or enjoy as-is.

Flavor Profile

The ultimate in sugary, delicious sweetness, we combined it with the lively and energizing impact of a sativa terpenes. Some cannabis connoisseurs refer to Cinnamon Bun as the perfect “breakfast roll,” as it makes for a great morning vape.


Vapeur Terp took time to develop the best cinnamon e-juice possible, resulting in the delectable Cinnamon Bun. Like all products in the Pure Line, Cinnamon Bun contains no PEG, no glycol, and no glycerin. In fact, it’s an all-natural, food grade e-juice.

As a high-quality cannabis terpene emulsifier, Cinnamon Bun e-juice makes it easy to liquify your concentrates for vaping.

Vapeur Terp Emulsifiers

Whether you have questions about our cinnamon bun flavor or one of our other e-liquids, contact us online today or explore our Pure guide to learn how to use our emulsifiers.


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