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Flavorless Terpene E-Juice

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For everyone who enjoys vaping and turning wax into e-juice, our Pure Flavorless terpene e-juice is absolutely essential. This e liquid allows you to liquify your extract while maintaining its own flavor. Our e-juice makes the liquefying process easy and keeps the potency and aromas of your preferred strain intact. This results in strong, pure e-juices that are ideal for vaping.


Our flavorless terpene e-juice enable users to liquify and emulsify cannabis concentrates without diluting the concentrate too much. With Vapeur Terp’s Pure e-liquid, you can use a ratio as low as 0.1 mL to 1 gram of concentrate, while still enriching it with terpenes. The Pure e-liquid can be used as an additive to your extract or concentrate or as is. With Vapeur Terp’s liquids, you never have to worry about separation during the liquefying or emulsifying stage.

Flavor Profile

Completely flavorless, with no chemical aftertaste, this juice preserves the taste and pungency of your cannabis concentrate without tainting it with additional flavors. Vape your concentrate easily with our flavorless emulsifier.


When you choose this all-organic flavorless juice, you’re getting a product that contains no PEG, no glycol, and no glycerin. This product liquefies all types of cannabis extracts, including shatter, wax, BHO, crumble, rosin, and distillate.

Using Vapeur Terp Liquids

Choose flavorless terpene e-juice to emulsify your concentrates today and discover a better way to vape! If you have any questions about how to use our products, reach out to us today or follow our how to guides.


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