Clear Guide | Dewaxing BHO

When you’re dewaxing your BHO, often you’re stuck waiting for days to separate lipids and fats from the pure cannabis liquid. You may also encounter issues with ethanol, as it can require a second purge, cause your liquid to taste bad, or damage the terpenes in your product.

Instead of winterizing BHO shatter or purging the old way, try a revolutionary new method with Clear from Vapeur Terp. Now you can turn concentrates into liquid in less time and preserve terpenes and flavor for a more potent and powerful product.

As you start dewaxing your BHO, please follow our guide closely to get the best results.


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  • Vapeur Terp Clear Solution
  • Glass Mixing Containers (2)
  • Stirrer (Luer Lock Syringe)
  • Vapeur Extract Clear Filter
  • Hot Plate (Lighter, Torch)
  • Scale (Optional)
  • Cartridge
  • Your Extract or Concentrate


If you’ve got crumble, wax, shatter, or budder that still needs as second purge before reaching a higher quality, Clear is the product for you. Before you begin, clear and clean a large surface area and lay out all your materials. Weigh out 1 gram of extract and add it to one of your glass mixing containers. Now add the Clear solution in a minimum ratio of 2:1. You should be adding 2 grams of solution to 1 gram of extract to start dewaxing your BHO. Use your heat source to encourage the two substances to merge into a homogenized solution. Keep the temperature under 150 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the integrity of your product.

Your solution will be cloudy at first, as it still contains all the fats and lipids you’re trying to remove. Take your syringe and extract the liquid from the glass as is. Attach the syringe to the Clear Filter and cap it with the rubber cover. Wait until the fats and lipids separate.

Separation Time

Each BHO dewaxing case will be different depending on the amount and type of concentrate you’re using. This process can take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours to complete. With 1 gram of concentrate, the process we used took about 10 hours.

Once the solution has begun to separate, using light pressure, squeeze the syringe into your second glass container. The new liquid is filtered and should be relatively clear. It’s now ready to be used in your vape. Fill a new syringe with this filtered liquid and add it to your cartridge.

Thanks for choosing Vapeur Terp to help you with BHO winterizing! If you’re interested in using the Liquid line or the Pure line on your concentrates, please follow our Liquid guide for these emulsifiers to get premium results.