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The FDA flavor ban is a major topic among vape enthusiasts. As of January 2020, vaping regulations have affected the lifestyles of many nicotine and THC vapers, and legislation is continuing to move fast. While these abrupt changes are concerning, they’re not random. That said, many vapers consider the new laws to be misguided, to put it lightly.

While it’s true that there has been a serious crisis caused by vaping, those deaths and injuries were caused by black market THC cartridges that contained vitamin E acetate, an additive that’s harmless in most settings, but damages the lungs when heated and inhaled.

The FDA flavor ban and other state regulations are responses to this massive scare. Unfortunately, a lot of undeserving vape products have fallen under the umbrella ban. Fortunately, Vapeur Terp liquids remain legal.

Read on for the latest details on vaping regulations in 2020.

The Federal Flavor Ban

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The federal flavor ban has banned all flavors of nicotine cartridges except for tobacco and menthol. In other words, pod systems can’t offer pre-filled, flavored cartridges anymore. However, the ban does still allow flavored liquids in bottles, so you can still fill your own tank.

While it’s clear that the FDA flavor ban came as a response to the many deaths and health problems, that’s not the only reason. Some people have been concerned that the flavors appeal to children who may be tempted by fruity or dessert flavors. Whether that’s true or not is largely a matter of opinion, but protecting kids is the other big reason the government has provided.

State Legislation on Cannabis Vapes

Vaping regulations have also affected the cannabis industry. While the federal flavor ban aims to reduce vaping among children and teens, some states have responded to the vaping health crisis by banning specific ingredients in THC vapes. Unlike the FDA flavor ban, these changes do target specific harmful additives.

Ohio and Washington were the first states to ban THC vape cartridges with vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol, and medium-chain triglycerides. More notably, Colorado — home to one of the biggest cannabis markets — has recently followed suit.

Our Commitment to Quality

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Here at Vapeur Terp, we’ve always used 100% natural, plant-derived ingredients. Our liquids are made with pure terpenes, and we never use harmful additives of any kind. We make our premium liquids terpenes in-house right here in SoCal. Our products meet consumer safety standards and legal requirements in all 50 states, and we have them independently lab-tested regularly.

Yes, the FDA flavor ban and individual state legislation can be daunting for passionate vapers. Just know that you’ll always have a home at Vapeur Terp! We stand behind our products, and we refuse to use ingredients that don’t meet our exceptionally high standards. From pure terpenes to strain-specific terpenes to flavored liquids, we strive to offer the world’s finest terpenes products, bar none.

Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Adding terpenes to your THC or CBD oils lets you customize how you feel. Our terpenes are also an absolute delight to enjoy on their own. If you have any questions about how our products fit in with the FDA flavor ban, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest information on vaping regulations. Create custom vape blends with premium terpene liquids from Vapeur Terp!