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To the untrained eye, the difference between vaping and smoking can be difficult to detect. Both involve the inhalation and exhalation of foggy substances, but that’s basically where the similarities end when it comes to vapor vs smoke.

Whether you’re hoping to become an ex-smoker or looking for a new way to medicate, understanding what separates the two is the key to achieving ideal results.

Vapes Use Heat Not Fire

If you vape, you don’t need to carry a lighter. The act of smoking has taken on many forms over the centuries, but it always involves the application of fire to a dry material such as tobacco or cannabis. The big difference between vaping and smoking is that vaporizers don’t use combustion. That said, they do use heat.

So, how do vapes work, anyways? There are two main types of vaporizers: dry herb vaporizers and liquid vaporizers. Both work similarly. To put it simply, the battery heats up a heating element (usually one or more metal coils) that is either in direct contact with the herb or liquid (conduction heating) or located close to it (convection heating).

The heating element gets hot enough to turn the material into a vapor without scorching it. The molecular composition of the material changes so you’re able to inhale it, but the major difference between vaping and smoking is that here you’re not heating the material hot enough to turn it into smoke.

When vaping dry herbs, the process is somewhat like being able to control the temperature of fire. When you smoke, the fire is so hot that it burns the materials, and you’re left with ash and tar. When you vape, the heating element raises the temperature just to the point of turning the herb into a vapor, leaving behind a material that looks kind of like the original herb, only sadder.

Liquid vapes are slightly different. They basically heat a liquid or concentrate until it’s near the boiling point, creating a sort of steam. The difference between vaping and smoking here is that you’re inhaling steam made of the carrier liquid as well as the added nicotine, THC, or CBD.

Vaping Is Easier on Your Body

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While the health differences between vapor vs smoke are still being studied, it’s pretty obvious that smoking comes with more negative side effects. As long as you’re not vaping e-liquids with harmful ingredients like vitamin E acetate, all signs point to vaping being the better alternative.

Beyond the obvious toll smoking takes on your lungs, it also stains your teeth, harms your senses of smell and taste, and reduces your lung capacity. Smoking also makes both you and your surroundings smell like, well, smoke. Vapor, on the other hand, can be quite pleasant to the nose and doesn’t leave a lingering odor.

Vaping Is More Customizable

Another huge difference between vaping and smoking is that there are way more vaping options out there. While there are various cigarette brands and herb strains, there are endless vape flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for cotton candy, watermelon, or honey, there’s almost certainly a flavored liquid that will fit the bill. There are also terpenes made from classic cannabis strains like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Grandaddy Purple, just to name a few.

Many users enjoy vaping because it’s a fun hobby. Vapers love experimenting with different devices and upgrades. There’s also a massive vaping subculture. A big difference between vaping and smoking is that people get genuinely excited about vaping, whereas smoking is typically a means to an end (satiating nicotine cravings or getting high).

Vape the World’s Finest Terpenes

Terpenes give you control over your experience! Want a more relaxing buzz? Add some myrcene terpenes or an indica profile. Looking for pain relief? Linalool is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammation properties.

You can also add terpenes to dry flower to further customize the effects, or simply enjoy terpenes on their own. Combining terpenes together produces the entourage effect, a phenomenon that boosts the overall potency of your herb or concentrates.

No matter your preference, using quality liquids is absolutely crucial. Although the health difference between vaping and smoking is huge, vaping can still be dangerous if you use untested products from black market or unreputable suppliers.

Here at Vapeur Terp, we have our liquids independently tested, and we provide lab reports so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our products meet GMP quality standards and they’re International Organization for Standardization 9001 certified. As always, contact us if you have any questions about the difference between vaping and smoking or any of our products. Make your own terpenes liquids with Vapeur Terp terpenes!