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Strawberry Cough

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Strawberry Cough Terpenes

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The powerful aroma and sweet flavor of our Strawberry Cough e-liquid makes it one of the best-selling products in our Pure Line. With a fresh strawberry taste and a strong sativa potency, Strawberry Cough provides a pleasurable vaping experience that both new and habitual vape users enjoy. A long-time favorite, Strawberry Cough is also a great e-juice for vaping.

Terpene Profile

The Strawberry Cough terpenes are derived from a potent sativa blend, producing a delightful high that makes many users feel invigorated and euphoric. Strawberry Cough also has relaxing and stress-relieving properties, resulting in a calming sensation felt throughout the entire body. Sativa blends are ideal for morning or daytime vaping, due to their energizing effects.

Flavor Profile

Strawberry Cough terpenes have a fruity, berry taste along with an earthy, pungent aroma. The expansive properties of this strain can cause some users to cough at first, hence the name, but many cannabis users still can’t get enough of Strawberry Cough’s mouth-watering flavor.


Like all e-liquids in our Pure Line, Strawberry Cough is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no glycol, PEG, or glycerin. Strawberry Cough terpenes are extracted from real plants and fruits.

Vapeur Terp Quality

Vapeur Terp aims to offer the best, high-quality e-liquid and vaping products on the market. If you’re new to using our products, follow our guide to learn how to blend our e-liquid with your concentrate.

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Reviews (1)

Brendan Nov 28th 2017

Quantity and Quality Assured

Wonderful! Cracking the vial smells like cinnamon and tastes fruity when dipping concentrates into it. Excellent for making your own pens and for playing around with. Try food infusions with it! I added a few drops to a glass of wine and it really took it to another level. The price is great too. I have yet to find any other company supplying such quality at such a legitimate price.

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