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X-treme Terpene Product: How Does it Work?

Customize Your Potency with our X-treme Vape Juice When you’re new to vaping, you’re typically content with pre-filled vaping cartridges -- you might even think of them like training wheels. However, when you’re ready to start saving money and making your own...

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What Are Terpenes? Everything You Need to Know

What Are Terpenes? When you first hear the word “terpenes,” it may bring to mind associations with turpentine and cleaning paint stains off clothing. While terpenes are an ingredient in this and many other cleaning products, they actually have a much broader role to...

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Vaper’s Dictionary

Vaping cannabis and engaging in a little vape DIY can be both rewarding and fun, and it just might bring out the experimentalist in you. It’s also practical — vaping is very discreet and is a healthier way of ingesting cannabis. This vape dictionary should help you...

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