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The cannabis plant contains hundreds of terpenes, but limonene is easily one of the most popular. In fact, limonene is actually the second most common terpene in nature, and limonene effects are definitely on the uplifting side of the spectrum. Discover details about this zesty terp, and experience limonene benefits for yourself with Vapeur Terp terpenes!

The Sweet Scent of Citrus

As you might guess by the name, limonene is found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. Have you ever used a natural cleaning product with a lemon scent? That’s limonene!

Limonene can give cannabis strains a pungent citrusy fragrance and flavor, but not always. Because cannabis contains so many different terpenes, sometimes the citrus scent gets overwhelmed. So, just because a strain doesn’t smell like citrus doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t experience limonene effects.

What Does Limonene Do?

Grinning woman enjoying limonene effects

Limonene is a happy terpene. Strains rich in limonene tend to be very uplifting. They’re great when you want to add some sunshine to a cloudy day. Experienced terpene users often add limonene when they want to reduce stress and anxiety or just enhance their mood. Limonene also tends to be energetic and euphoric — a perfect choice for creative projects.

Besides its use for elevating the mind, strains with limonene are often great analgesics. Studies have shown that limonene has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re not suffering from chronic pain, you might not notice those limonene effects right off the bat, but it’s nice to know that there are positive health implications associated with this versatile terp!

Strains Rich in Limonene

Those limonene benefits sound pretty sweet, right? Adding a dash or two of strain-specific terpenes that contain lots of limonene is a simple way to add a happy glow to your THC concentrates or CBD oils. They’re also fantastic on their own. Here are some strains that contain lots of the lemony good stuff:

  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Wedding Cake
  • Fire OG

How to Use Limonene Terpenes

Cannabis leaves and black dropper bottle with white background

Once you’ve procured your very own terpenes with limonene, it’s time to experience the limonene effects for yourself. Fortunately, adding some terpenes magic to your sessions is super easy.

If you’re using concentrates or CBD oil, you can simply add a drop or two to your liquids and enjoy. For dry flower, start by adding two drops per gram-or-so of bud. Pro tip: This trick works amazingly for adding new life to old, dried-out bud.

Everyone’s body chemistry and tolerance are different, so you’ll want to do some experimenting. The best approach is to start small and then work your way up. Eventually, you’ll find your personal sweet spot.

You may want to try enhancing the classic limonene effects by blending other terpenes, too. The entourage effect is when terpenes and cannabinoids combine synergistically, resulting in a more intense experience. Terpenes are great on their own, but they really shine when you let them play together.

Buy Premium Terpenes Today

These limonene benefits are just the tip of the iceberg! At Vapeur Terp, we carry a huge variety of terpenes so you can customize your experience every single time. Our terpenes are lab-tested, 100% pure, and made here in SoCal using only the highest quality ingredients (no dangerous additives, ever).

Want to know more about limonene effects? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can also read our guides and follow our blog for some fascinating terpene-related reading material. Create your own custom blends with premium terpenes from Vapeur Terp!