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Liquefy Your Extracts With Our Terpenes

Welcome to the home of terpenes! At Vapeur Terp, we are proud to offer an extensive range of products to give you the highest quality and most satisfying experience.

As every consummate user knows, concentrates and extracts have to be turned into a solution before you can enjoy them in a liquid form. We provide terpene and glycol/glycerin solutions that will not only enable you to liquefy your extracts but can also add flavor to your mix.


Customize Your Blend With Our Different Types of Terpenes

Not all terpene liquid products were created equal, and we have three different types of solutions that each offer a distinct experience. Check them out.

Flavored Terpene Liquid Products

These are the tamest of the available options. They give you the flavor without the buzz. With these flavored products, you can turn your liquids into dessert with fun flavors like “Bubblegum” and “Pineapple.” You can also mix and match flavors for an entire fruit salad if that’s what floats your boat!

Pure Terpenes

These terpene liquid product blends are made to replicate real-world flavors without changing the effects of your base strain. Watch out, though—pure terpenes are much stronger than our flavored liquid products and can surprise you with their intensifying effects.

Strain Specific Terpenes

Feeling like a different strain specific concentrate or extract that you have on hand? With our strain specific terpene liquid product collection, you can transform the effects of your concentrate into the exact strain that you want!

Clear, Auto Winterizer + Dewaxer

This collection includes handy liquids to keep your solutions from clouding up.

Kits & Miscellaneous Accessories

Stock up on Lock Luer syringes, stirrers, vials, and everything else you need to prepare your terpenes for action.

Complete Your Collection at Vapeur Terp

Perhaps you already know which type of product you like or maybe you want to try them all. With such a huge selection, you can try as many flavors as you like and even make your own blends. Just make sure to observe the mixing ratios in our instructional guide.

Contact us with your questions and comments as you shop our awesome collections of terpene liquid products today.