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e-Juice Preparation Guides

We have prepared some instructional videos to help you through the process of how to make terp juice for your own use. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us if you have any questions!

Guide to Making Glycol-Based Terpene Juice

Before you get started, gather your materials and set them on a clean, spacious surface. Put 1 gram of concentrate or extract into the glass mixing vial and set it on the hot plate. Add twice as much of your chosen Vapeur Terp solution as there is concentrate (a 2:1 ratio), measuring out the 2 mL or 2 grams of solution carefully. We find that 36 drops of Vapeur Terp liquid is about 1 mL or 1 gram.

Now that you have your mix, turn on the hot plate and ensure that the temperature is 150 degrees Fahrenheit or less. It’s also possible to heat the mixture with a lighter, but this heat source is difficult to control, so we don’t recommend it in this guide about how to make terp juice.

The concentrate and solution will blend together to form a homogenous solution. When this solution has cooled, you can transfer it to your cartridge or tank immediately with the syringe and enjoy vaping your juice straight away!

Guide to Terpenes

If you want to use terpene profiles found in popular cannabis strains and infuse them with your concentrate or extract, our Cannabis Terpene line of solutions work a treat. Otherwise, if you are starting off with an extract that you like, choose our Pure Line for flavored terpenes. Our collections include everything from Super Lemon Haze and Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain profiles to Bubble Gum and Tangerine-flavored Pure terpene blends.

If you are wondering how to make terp juice with our terpene solutions, you can follow the same process as demonstrated for the glycol-based terpene infused solutions but will need to modify the ratios.

Our Cannabis and Pure terpene lines are very strong and do not need as much solution per gram of cannabis extract in order to make it into a liquid. Instead of the 2:1 ratio used for the glycol solution, you will use at most a 0.6:1 ratio. Pure liquefies your concentrate quickly and you’ll only need 0.1 mL – 0.6 mL of solution for each 1 gram of concentrate or extract.

Want to know how to make terp juice with different kinds of cannabis extracts? Honey oil extracts only require 0.1 mL of a Pure terpenes solution, whereas solid concentrates require more like 0.5 mL of Pure solution. 4 drops are about 0.1 mL and 1 mL has a weight of approximately 1 gram.

Guide to DeWaxing

It can take days to separate lipids and fats from the pure cannabis liquid when you’re dewaxing your BHO. Ethanol can also cause issues because it needs to be purged twice, can make the taste of your liquid turn bad, and can cause damage to the terpenes contained in your product.

Rather than using the old techniques to purge or winterize BHO shatter, check out the new and revolutionary method for how to make terp juice using the Clear product from Vapeur Terp. This product enables you to liquefy concentrates more quickly and keeps the terpenes and flavor intact for a more powerful and potent result.

Follow our guide to the letter to dewax your BHO for the best results.

Required Materials

  • Clear Solution from Vapeur Terp
  • 2x Glass Mixing Vials
  • Luer Lock Syringe or Stirrer
  • Clear Filter from Vapeur Terp
  • Hot Plate, Torch, or Lighter
  • Scale
  • Cartridge
  • Your Concentrate or Extract