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Blending CBD oil with terpenes is a simple and effective way to get more from your CBD. CBD has emerged as the second most popular cannabinoid, trailing only behind good old-fashioned THC. CBD enthusiasts appreciate the subtle, calming effects, but sometimes they want a bit more oomph. That’s where the terpene entourage effect comes into play.

Many cannabis fans are already familiar with the power of terpenes. Adding them to concentrates or flower lets you customize and enhance your experience. The same principle applies to CBD, too. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to elevate your CBD intake, mixing CBD oil with terpenes should be high on your to-do list.

What Are Terpenes?

In order to understand why terpenes should be on your radar, you’ll need a quick overview of what terpenes are in the first place. Even if you’ve never heard the word, you’ve undoubtedly interacted with terpenes before. They’re found in countless plants, and they’re responsible for their unique fragrances. Ever smelled a lemon? That citrusy scent is a terpene called limonene.

In the context of cannabis, terpenes do more than make bud smell dank. The reason why so many people are loving the blend of CBD oil with terpenes is that terpenes directly influence the effects!

For example, a strain with a high linalool content — Grandaddy Purple, for example — would typically be quite relaxing, while a strain like Blue Dream with lots of pinene is more on the energetic side. Most cannabis enthusiasts know about the differences between indicas and sativas, but terpenes really let you hone in on the perfect buzz.

The Entourage Effect

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Besides putting you in creative control of how you feel when indulging in nature’s greatest gift, terpenes actually amplify the strength of THC and CBD. Mixing THC or CBD oil with terpenes causes the terpene entourage effect, a phenomenon that occurs when multiple cannabinoids combine synergistically, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

How to Create Your Own Custom Blends

Enhancing your CBD with terpenes is a breeze. You simply add a few drops of terpenes to your CBD and enjoy it as usual. You can use strain-specific terpenes to get effects similar to your favorite cannabis strains, or try adding pure terpenes to enhance flavor.

In order to get the best results, you may want to track your progress. After all, everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so there’s no single best approach. Try mixing a blend, dose, and then write down how you feel an hour later. Eventually, you’ll be able to blend CBD oil with terpenes in specific ways that match your mood and goals.

Become a Terpene Connoisseur

CBD is great, but until you’ve tried a custom Vapeur Terp blend, you’re missing out! We sell the highest quality terpenes. They’re lab-tested, and they meet consumer safety standards in all 50 states. Made with love here in sunny SoCal, you can be sure that you’re getting 100% pure, all-natural, plant-derived terpenes with no vitamin E acetate or other harmful additives.

Want to know more? Give our terpenes guides a read, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Blending CBD oil with terpenes is fun, easy, and affordable, and the terpene entourage effect is truly magical. Buy high-grade terpenes online now, and take your CBD experience up a notch.