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Do Terpenes Contain Vitamin E?

Vitamin E has been in the news as of late. As more and more people are admitted to hospitals with lung illnesses related to cannabis vaping, some state and federal investigators are pointing to vitamin E as a possible culprit. That’s because vitamin E is the one...

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Indica Terpenes: The Top 5 Flavors You Need to Try

Indica terpenes are the perfect nightcap for unwinding at the end of a long day. While different strains have their own unique effects, sativas tend to be more energizing while indicas are more relaxing. Indica strains also tend to be more physically sedating, while...

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The Best Terpenes: Your Holidaze Buying Guide

This holiday season, the best terpenes make the best gifts. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you hope will share the wealth, we’re proud to offer the world’s best tasting terpenes so you can treat the naughty and nice people in your life right. You...

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5 Terpenes That Help You Feel Energized

Terpenes For Energy Are you looking for a pick-me-up? These terpenes for energy should do the trick. It’s no secret that each cannabis strain provides its own unique effects. Beyond the differences between sativa and indica strains, the variances are largely due to a...

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Seasonal Highlight: The Best Fall Terpenes

As the scorching summer makes way for cool, cozy autumn, you may be wondering about the best terpene e-liquid options. After all, as the seasons change, so do your tastes. Whether you’re exploring pumpkin patches, stargazing, frolicking in leaf piles, or enjoying a...

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Terpenes & Their Uses

Are you curious about terpene uses? Terpenes are the aromatic oils in plants that give them their unique aromas, tastes, and in some cases, psychoactive and/or medicinal effects. While terpenes are most commonly associated with cannabis plants, they’re actually found...

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