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When it comes to strain-specific terpene blends, it doesn’t get much better than our take on Jack Herer. Great smelling and great tasting, our Jack Herer terpene profile is true to the cannabis strain on which it is based—without containing any cannabis at all! For anyone wanting to try out a new flavor, this is a great blend to add to your collection.

What to Expect With Jack Herer

The Jack Herer terpene profile is a staple strain among cannabis enthusiasts and has a spicy, piney scent and Sativa-like qualities. When the Jack Herer cannabis strain is smoked, the effects are described as blissful, head-clearing, and conducive to creativity. The winner of no less than nine Cannabis Cup awards for its potency and quality, the Jack Herer cannabis cultivar is a favorite of cannabis growers, smokers, and vapers around the world.

Our terpene version of the Jack Herer terpene profile has the same spicy and pine scent as the actual cannabis strain. You can combine the Jack Herer terpene blend with the same base concentrate or add it to a different concentrate for a Jack Herer flavor.

The Story Behind the Strain

Originally developed in the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds, the Jack Herer strain is a combination of Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5 and is slightly Sativa-dominant. The company’s intention in creating this unique mix was to capture the cerebral high of Sativas and the abundant resin production of Indicas. Since its creation in the 1990s, the Jack Herer cannabis terpene profile has been recognized as a medical-grade strain.

Why the name “Jack Herer?” The namesake of this popular strain was the American marijuana activist who served as director for the H.E.M.P. organization (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) and who published a non-fiction book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes in 1985.

Alluding to the title of the humorous children’s book The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen (1837), Herer’s work is a compilation of information about cannabis and its many uses. The twelfth edition of this popular work was published in 2010, and the book is frequently cited in efforts to legalize marijuana. The book was criticized for some of its factual inaccuracies in Hemp Facts and Hemp Fiction but nevertheless continues to be an important resource today.

Meet the Terpenes…

A field of chamomile flowers.

Now that we know a little about the origins of the Jack Herer strain terpene profile, let’s take a look at the top terpenes featured in this popular blend:


The most prevalent terpene in the Jack Herer terpene profile, myrcene can be present in varying amounts in the range of 0.47% to 0.51%. This terpene smells slightly fruity and can also be found in hops, lemongrass, chamomile, and mango. When studied in research, myrcene appears to display anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative effects.


A close second to myrcene, alpha-pinene is often found in Jack Herer profiles in ranges from 0.10% to 0.46%. This woody, pine-scented terpene occurs naturally in pine and coniferous trees, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense, and ironwort. Research indicates that alpha-pinene could have gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and anticatabolic effects.


One of the lesser-known terpenes, guaiol is a major constituent of the guaiacum tree’s chemical makeup and has been found in a Jack Herer terpene profile at levels of around 0.3%. Similar to alpha-pinene, this terpene (technically a sesquiterpenoid alcohol) has a piney scent. It has demonstrated antimicrobial and antibacterial potential. Guaiol can be used as an insect repellent and is also often used as a natural cough remedy.

Caryophyllene Oxide

Caryophyllene, with its rich spicy fragrance, is often present in Jack Herer terpene profile blends in percentages between 0.17% and 0.32%. Caryophyllene is found in a number of common plants and spices, including cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, basil, hops, rosemary, and oregano. It is said to have antifungal and insecticide properties and has also displayed neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic behaviors in studies.


Adding a floral scent to the Jack Herer terpene profile, we can find alpha-bisabolol in percentages around 0.19%. Commonly extracted from German chamomile and sage, this terpene is popular in skin care products where it is valued for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. It might also be useful as an analgesic and antispasmodic.


Still feeling floral? In Jack Herer terpene profile tests, the trans-nerolidol terpene—also found in jasmine, lemongrass, and tea tree—has been detected as comprising up to 0.11% of the extract. Smelling of flowers with hints of fruity apples and citrus, trans-nerolidol may have sedative, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.


Less prevalent than alpha-pinene but still present in the mix, beta-pinene has been found in Jack Herer strains at percentages of around 0.07%. As opposed to the pine-needle smell of its alpha- counterpart, beta-pinene has more of an herbal aroma with notes of dill, basil, and parsley. Its specific effects are thought to be similar to those of alpha-pinene as the twin terpenes usually appear together.

Choosing Your Jack Herer Terpenes Blend

Now that we’ve got you sold on the Jack Herer terpene profile with its delicious fruity, spicy, pine-scented flavor and rich terpenes, how do you go about choosing the best Jack Herer terpene blend to buy?

  • Plant-DerivedFirstly, you’ll want a blend that is 100% plant-derived with no glycol, glycerin, or PEG (polyethylene glycol). Some of these substances—such as PEG—are derived from petroleum and let off toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde when heated.
  • Lab-TestedSecondly, choose a blend that has been lab-tested for residual solvents. These solvents can come from the extraction process and typically include methanol, propane, butane, acetone, and others. These chemicals are great for extracting terpenes and doing heavy-duty cleaning but are not so great for vaping!
  • True to StrainThirdly, choose a Jack Herer terpene profile that has been rated by users as having a true-to-strain flavor and effect. If the strain tastes and smells right, the terpene blend is probably spot-on!

Shop Jack Herer at Vapeur Terp

At Vapeur Terp, we can guarantee that our Jack Herer terpene profile is 100% plant-derived, is true to strain, and has been tested with an independent lab analysis for residual solvents. Best of all, our terpenes are extracted from plants other than cannabis, so they’re legal in every state! You can also browse our other delicious strain-specific terpene blends to try the flavor of a different strain, or shop our pure terpene flavors if you’d like a specific flavor profile.

Get in touch with your questions, and try our Jack Herer terpenes blend today!