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Creating your own custom terpene blends is fun, easy, and delicious. If you’ve ever tried any of our premium terpenes, you know the flavors are already mind-blowingly tasty, to put it lightly. Now, imagine mixing complementary terpene flavors to create delectably decadent blends. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to conjure some serious mouth magic. Just follow these simple tips!

1. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is the craveable dessert blend that keeps you up at night. Start with a simple base of our Pure Chocolate terpenes. Now add a dash of Pure Strawberry. You could stop there and have a rich, indulgent terpene blends dessert fit for royalty, but we recommend taking it one step further with a dash of Blue Dream for that extra touch of sweet berry goodness.

Pro tip: Try substituting Pure Strawberry for Cherry to make Cherry Chocolate Rain!

2. Island Paradise

Fruity cocktail-inspired blends are always a hit. Island Paradise is a concoction that will transport you to a hammock swaying in a sun-soaked oasis hugged by pure, white sand and lapping crystalline waves, and overlooked by lazy palm trees swaying in the wind. Start with our Pure Pina Colada terpenes. Now add Pure Peach to taste. Finish it off with a touch of Strawnana. Bliss.

For a terpene flavor twist, replace Peach and Strawnana with Mango and Guava!

3. Have Your Cake

white wedding cake with pastel flowers

While terpene blends aren’t typically on wedding menus, if they were, Have Your Cake would be the most popular dessert option. This after-dinner blend will have you feeling like you’re indulging in an airy, fluffy lemon-vanilla butter cake. Start with Wedding Cake, and then add a dash of Pure Vanilla. Now brighten it up with Pure Lemon. You may now kiss the Blend.

4. Pretzel Day (The Works)

Paying homage to Michael Scott’s beloved overloaded Office treat, Pretzel Day is a favorite blend among bosses with a sweet tooth that simply cannot be satisfied through traditional means. Start off with Pure Cotton Candy. Now Pure Bubble Gum. Now Pure Skittles. Finish it off with just a hint of Honey. This over-the-top monstrosity is what it tastes like to be Scranton’s best regional manager, not to mention the world’s best boss.

5. Morechata

Some terpene blends are beautiful in their simplicity. Morechata is like horchata, only more. If you’ve never tried horchata, the famous Mexican sweet rice milk beverage, stop what you’re doing and fix that. To make this tantalizing blend, simply mix Pure Cinnamon Bun with Vanilla. You can start with a half-half blend, but feel free to experiment with the ratio.

6. Ruined Shirt

wine and grapes on a rustic wooden surface

Ruined Shirt is a classic, deep fruity blend. Inspired by fruit punch, wine, grape drink, and all of the other wonderful stain-your-shirt beverages that love to utterly destroy white garments while promising antioxidants. Don’t worry—our terpene blends would never commit such atrocious acts on your wardrobe. To make this robust fruity blend, just mix Pure Grape, Pure Blueberry, and Pomegranate.

7. Pillow Mints

Pillow Mints is a snooze-worthy blend of terpene flavors  that makes a delicious and relaxing nightcap. First, use our Pure Chocolate Mint terpenes as a base. Now, you can leave that as-is, or if you enjoy a little extra minty freshness, add a dash of our Menthol. Now add your preferred amount of Indica Profile terpenes, put on your jammies, and prepare for lights out.

Note: While our terpene blends are already super potent, mixing them is a great way to increase the effects!

8. Ipples and Bininis

apples and bananas in a wooden bucket on the grass

Also known as Epples and Benenes, Opples and Bononos, Upples and Bununus, and sometimes Ypples and Bynynys, Ipples and Bininis is—wait for it—a wholesome blend of apples and bananas. Just take our Pure Double Apple and add Banana to taste. It’s basic, but you might be surprised by how downright delicious this one is—perfect for enjoying all day long.

Create Your Own Custom Blends

We’ve only scratched the surface here! There are endless possibilities when it comes to terpene blends, so don’t wait to start playing mad scientist in your kitchen. Just make sure you don’t actually eat your mixes, as delicious as they may smell. What’s your best concoction? Drop us a line and let us know. Stock up on the best terpene flavors at Vapeur Terp now.