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You may not know what terpenes are or what they do, but most likely you love them and interact with them every day. Terpenes are nature’s aromatic candles, releasing the unique smells we so commonly associate with certain plants. Besides simply smelling good, they have been the topic of study for years regarding their possible therapeutic benefits. Creative cannabis users today are adding terpenes to buds to create a unique sensation known as the entourage effect. You can totally change the profile of a flower strain by learning how to use terpenes in combination with your dry bud or other consumption method of choice.

The Process

You may be surprised to know that terpenes were initially used in cosmetics, skin care, and other body products thanks to their therapeutic and aromatic qualities. But these days, terpenes have become popular with cannabis users for their ability to enhance the flavor of a base flower strain and elicit enhanced positive effects.

The addition of terpenes to your flower can add a whole new twist to your smoking experience. The process is fairly simple and easy to modify based on your personal preference and the types of effects you are trying to achieve. To have the best experience when learning how to use terpenes with dry flower, make sure to use the provided dropper that comes with the terpene bottle.

There are a couple of ways to go about adding terpenes to your buds:

  • Apply 0.2 millimeters directly to your pipe’s bowl. Then all you need to do is load your flower, relax, light, and enjoy!
  • Adding terpenes not only modifies the user experience, but it can also add much-needed moisture to your flower. To breathe new life into your stale flower or to enhance your sticky buds, just add a drop or two of oil per gram of flower directly to the bud itself.

Gram of flower bud

How to use terpenes with your buds is entirely up to you, but applying it directly to your favorite flower is the most common practice.

All Good Things in Moderation

When adding terpenes to buds, they should be used and applied in moderation. Terpenes are very potent. As previously mentioned, always use the included dropper so you have control over your dosing. One or two drops may seem meager, but in this case, less is more! Adding too much terpenes can ruin your flower by overpowering the smell and taste of the bud.

Adding terpenes to buds

Choose Quality

When first exploring how to use terpenes with your flower, you may find out that not all terpenes are created equal. Be cautious when sourcing your terpenes and choose reputable brands that produce lab-tested terpenes with no vitamin E acetate. After all, having a high quality experience starts with high quality products!

Two Is Better Than One

Indulging your buds in new taste sensations is a great way to add some zest to your cannabis experience. At Vapeur Terp, we offer a myriad of flavor options for you to consider when combining terpenes and your favorite flower. For more great suggestions on how to use terpenes, continue to explore our blog and find inspiration in our diverse selection of high quality strain-specific and pure terpenes. Vapeur Terp terpenes are produced in an FDA compliant lab with no vitamin E acetate, benzoic acid, or pesticides, so you can shop with confidence no matter how you enjoy your terpenes.