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Clear - Auto Winterize / De-Waxer E-Liquid

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Concentrate Liquidizer

Vapeur Terp’s Clear - Auto Winterize / De-Waxer E-Liquid is a necessary addition to your e-liquid and vaping kit. We developed this product because we saw a need for a concentrate liquidizer that could easily purify your cannabis extract, while preserving its unique flavors, scents, and properties during the process.

A Better Alternative to Ethanol Winterizing

Our Clear liquidizer line eliminates all fats and lipids from your cannabis extract, resulting in a completely transparent e-liquid. While ethanol winterizing can destroy the terpene profile and distort the taste, our Clear method is much faster and keeps the terpene profile and tastes intact. You’ll see results in 2 to 24 hours, as opposed to 3 to 5 days.

Increased Potency

Vapeur Extract’s Clear line is both an auto-winterizer and a de-waxer, simplifying the process for making your own cannabis e-liquid at home. The other benefit of our concentrate liquidizer is that it enables your cannabis extract to maintain its extra potent qualities, and produces a powerful, consistent vaping experience for both new and longtime cannabis fans. This liquidizer de-waxes your concentrate and maintains the terpenes in your prefered marijuana strain.

Choose Vapeur Terp

In developing a simple and effective concentrate liquidizer, we took the time to create the best possible user experience for making your own e-liquid. Vapeur Extract’s Clear is many cannabis users’ first choice for creating e-liquids for vaping. Explore your options for concentrate emulsifier today when you shop at Vapeur Terp.

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