Can You Vape Wax?

Have you always wondered if you can vape wax? If you’re asking yourself how to make THC E-Liquid, Vapeur Terp is here to provide you with a simple guide that will help you vape your extract or concentrates.

The easiest way to create wax that is ready to vape involves an emulsifier. We carry several different types of emulsifiers that you can mix with your concentrate, but this guide will address our Liquid line and terpene infused products, including Couch Lock, Peacemaker, Chill, Jack, The Doctor, and Philosopher. Please follow this guide for the best results.


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  • Vapeur Terp Solution
  • Glass Mixing Container
  • Stirrer (Syringe)
  • Hot Plate (Lighter)
  • Scale
  • Cartridge
  • Extract or Concentrate


Before you begin, lay out all your materials on a clean surface with plenty of space. Add .5 grams of extract or concentrate to your glass mixing container and place it on the hot plate. Add the Vapeur Terp solution of your choice in a 2:1 ratio. Measure out 1 gram of solution per .5 grams of concentrate or extract.

Now, turn the hot plate on, keeping it at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or below. You can also use a lighter to heat the mixture, but we recommend using a heating source you can more easily control.

Once your concentrate and the solution have melted together to form a homogenous solution, you can now vape your wax immediately. Simply fill your syringe with the liquid and inject it into your cartridge to enjoy.

The Pure Process

Can you vape wax with other Vapeur Terp products?

If you’d like to infuse your cannabis with terpene profiles found in popular cannabis strains, you can use your concentrate or extract with our Pure line of solutions. We carry everything from Super Lemon Haze and Strawberry Cough to Pineapple Express and Tangerine Dream.

You can follow the same process as with the terpene solutions, but with modified ratios. Pure is very rich in terpenes and doesn’t require as much solution to mix with your cannabis. Modify the ratio from 2:1 to .5:1. Pure works very quickly to liquify your concentrate and you should only use 0.1 mL - 0.6 mL per 1 gram of concentrate or extract.

For honey oils extract, only use 0.1 mL of Pure solution, while for solid concentrates, you should use closer to 0.5 mL of Pure solution.

Looking to dewax your BHO instead? Check out our other guide on winterizing BHO with our Clear line.