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Blueberry E-Juice

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Our blueberry e-juice is one of the most popular flavored e-liquids we offer. The strong, sweet, bold blueberry flavor results in an e-juice that both new and habitual vape users enjoy. One of the best things about vaping is the opportunity to try new flavors, create your own unique e-liquid, and combine your preferred strains with your favorite fruit aromas.

Pairing Suggestions

As part of our Liquid Line, the Vapeur Terp blueberry flavored e-liquid does not contain any cannabis terpenes. With this product, you can mix your cannabis concentrate with the e-liquid — at any ratio you desire — to create a blueberry e-juice for vaping.

Maintain the properties of your cannabis concentrate, and add a distinct blueberry flavor. Common pairing options for blueberry e-liquid includes sativa-dominant hybrid strains, like Blueberry Kush.

Flavor Profile

Our blueberry e-liquid has a full-bodied, delicious flavor that tickles the tastebuds. Blueberry e-juice can be combined with a variety of cannabis concentrates and strains. Our blueberry e-liquid is both tart and sugary, mimicking the flavor of real blueberries. Vapeur Terp customers love how easy it is to mix our blueberry e-liquid with their concentrate.


Our blueberry e-juice consists of a proprietary blend of PEG400 USP, propylene glycol USP, VG USP, and flavoring extract for premium quality and flavor.

Vapeur Terp Quality

Vapeur Terp offers a wide selection of e-liquid products that are easy and simple to use. We have everything you need to create your own e-juice from your wax, shatter, or rosin. Blend our e-liquid with your cannabis concentrate today.


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