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Pineapple Express

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Novice and regular vape users will definitely enjoy the ride that Pineapple Express delivers. A longtime cannabis favorite, our new Pineapple Express e-liquid produces a strong, delightful vaping experience. Pineapple Express is one of our best-selling Pure Line products, simply because users love how easy it is to use.

Terpene Profile

Our popular Pineapple Express e-liquid is derived from the parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. While Trainwreck is a potent sativa terpene strain that hits hard, Hawaiian is its more mellow, mostly sativa counterpart. When the terpenes combine, the result is Pineapple Express, a strong yet relaxing high that can make users feel both creative and serene.

When combined with your concentrates, our Pineapple Express e-liquid gives users a long-lasting, energetic buzz ideal for fun in the sun and daytime vaping. Since it is sativa dominant, it also enhances your creative urges.

Flavor Profile

Like its name suggests, Pineapple Express has a variety of tropical and earthy aromas, including fresh apple and mango with hints of pineapple, pine, and cedar. Try it today to discover your new favorite e-liquid emulsifier.


Our Pineapple Express e-liquid is an all-natural e-juice extracted directly from real fruits and plants. All products in Vapeur Terp’s Pure Line contain no PEG, no glycol, and no glycerin.

Vapeur Terp

Vapeur Terp provides the easiest emulsifier for all types of concentrate including shatter, wax, and crumble. If you’re wondering how to use our products with your concentrate, reach out to us today or follow our Pure guide.


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Cory Jan 1st 2018

Tastes great

Definitely recommend sweet and piney

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