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Clear, Auto Winterizer + Dewaxer: Buy the Best Wax Kit on the Market

Prepare your dabs quicker and more efficiently with the Vapeur Terp wax kit. With our proprietary Clear solution, you can now turn your wax into winterized liquid without losing flavor or terpenes. Check out the accessories included in our all-inclusive dab making kit below:

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Clear Auto Winterize / DeWaxer

Clear is the superstar of our collections. Noticing that other winterizing and dewaxing products on the market took a long time to work or affected the flavor of the mix, we designed a new emulsifier especially for dab-making.

Clear is a flavorless, plain solution that turns wax into a liquid in the right ratios before dewaxing or filtering. It is similar to ethanol winterizing in that it doesn’t destroy the flavor profile of your blend in the process. You can buy Clear alone or as part of the wax kit.

Clear Filter

Our Clear filter is the perfect complement to the Clear solution. This original filter separates the lipids and fats from the oil in less time and without affecting the yield. A higher yield equals better value! For best results, clean the filter after each use and replace when the filtered oil looks cloudy.

Glass Mixing Vials

The vials in our wax kit are where the magic happens. Mix the correct ratio of Clear to your shatter or wax in the vial and heat over a hot plate at a temperature less than 150 degrees Fahrenheit until liquified.

Luer Lock Syringe

Once your solution has turned into a liquid, use this syringe to transfer it to the filter or dab ring without losing any on the way.

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