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Kits + Misc Accessories: Shop Terpene Accessories Including Terpene Cartridges and Wax E-Juice Kits

Perfect the art of vaping with the terpene accessories from Vapeur Terp. In our comprehensive collection, we carry everything a serious vaper needs to prepare “gourmet” vape juice. Browse our top-quality mixing containers, filters, syringes, and cartridges and take advantage of our Clear solution to winterize and dewax in record time.


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Revamp Your Vape Kit with New Equipment

From time to time, even the most careful vapers will need to replace their terpene accessories, as residue builds up and affects the flavor of your juice. Simply purchase a new wax e-juice kit to enhance your flavors and preserve the quality of your juice for longer!

Vaping connoisseurs who enjoy using multiple flavors and emulsifiers often choose to have separate syringes and terpene cartridges for e-liquids and terpenes. This keeps each mix pure and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Everything You Need in One Place

Whether it’s a mixing container that you need, a syringe, a cartridge, or a filter, our collection of terpene accessories has it all. Purchase the item you need separately or bundle them together with our handy kits. To learn more about how to liquefy your shatter, wax, concentrate, or extract, go to our guides page and watch the instructional videos.

Remember that the team at Vapeur Terp is always here for you if you need help with vaping or product selection. Reach out to the team and we will get back to you ASAP. Shop our terpene accessories for a better vaping experience today!