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E-Liquid Starter Kit

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Get started with the Starter Kit! You can either use Vapeur Terp as is or mix with your extracts or concentrates without ever worrying about seperation in your cartridge. This kit includes all you need to add Vapeur Terp to your extracts and have the combination transform into a fully homogenized liquid that is ready for use.

By adding proprietary terpene blends to our base liquids, our different product lines feature different aromas to complement your extract.

Starter Kit:

(1) Vapeur Terp - Size and Blend of your choosing

  • Philosopher - Slight citrus and pine aroma
  • Couch Lock - Slight natural raw and herby aroma
  • Chill - Slight woody, spicy and citrus aroma
  • Peacemaker - Slight earthy and citrus aroma
  • Jack - Slight natural earthy aroma
  • The Doctor - Slight floral and citrus aroma

(1) 3ml Luer Lock Syringe and 14 gauge needle

(1) 1/2 oz Glass Mixing Container w/ Lid

(1) 1/2 oz Plastic easy-to-dispense Bottle

* Optional Additional Items Below (Choose Selection Below)

(1) 4 mL Pure - Choose your flavor below!


Mix Vapeur Terp with extract at any ratio, 2:1 is typical.  1mL (32 drops) of Vapeur Terp is equivalent to 1g.  Stir under 120°F or microwave for 5-10s until the extract dissolves.


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