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You can either use Vapeur Terp as is or mix with your extracts or concentrates without ever worrying about separation in your cartridge. Add Vapeur Terp to your extracts and have the combination transform into a fully homogenized liquid that is ready for use.

Indica features a slight natural raw and herby aroma to complement your extract.


Mix Vapeur Terp with extract at any ratio, 2:1 is typical.  1mL (32 drops) of Vapeur Terp is equivalent to 1g.  Stir under 120°F or microwave for 5-10s until the extract dissolves.


Proprietary blend of PEG400 USP
Propylene Glycol USP
Proprietary blend of terpenes


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Ken Oct 30th 2017

Great product but not what pictured

First time ordering from VT. There product is better than WaX liquidizer I had been using. What I received was labeled "couch lock" which the white "Holy Terp" label. The profile is on point I have to say and am satisfied ! I will order again .

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