Cannabis Terpenes

Vapeur Terp has two lines of terpene-rich e-juice flavors created with a number of different cannabis terpene profiles. Our Pure line of e-liquids offers a fruit focused selection with classics like Strawberry Cough and Pineapple Express, while our Bright line of e-liquids provides a curated selection of indica, sativa, and hybrid strain profiles.

For those who are still learning about the cannabis vaping process, adding our liquids to your concentrates is a great start. Blend your terpenes with ours to experience a new kind of high.

Pure E-Liquid

If you want to try a number of different terpene profiles and fruity flavors, Vapeur Terp has a large variety of options. Whether you prefer berries, citrus, or flavorless varieties, we have a large selection for your convenience. All our Pure terpene e-liquids can be used as-is, or mixed with a cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, rosin, and crumble.

Low Concentration E-Liquid

Our Low Concentration e-liquid line of emulsifiers with cannabis terpenes include multiple indica, sativa, and hybrid strain options.

From earthy and herbal profiles that produce a sleepy, relaxing high to e-juices that contain hints of citrus and produce a peaceful, calming feeling, we have several well formulated indica terpene flavor profiles.

We also provide sativa and hybrid profiles for those who prefer pine aromas that offer an uplifting effect, or pungent hybrid profiles that produce a cerebral, mind-blowing high that leaves you wanting more.

Trust Vapeur Terp Products

Vapeur Terp has spent a lot of time combining different terpene profiles to create a solution that will enhance your cannabis concentrates. To learn how to use our products, contact us online today or follow our Pure guide.